Removing Collections From Your Credit Report

Have you received threatening calls and letters from a company called Advanced Collection Services?  You probably have an old debt that they’re trying to collect payments on.  Advanced Collection Services is a collection agency that works on behalf of other companies to get people to pay off their old debts.

Collection agencies are notorious for reporting the wrong information and trying to collect the wrong amount or from the wrong person.  Collection agencies like Advanced Collection Services can also adversely affect your creditworthiness by tacking on erroneous information to your credit file.  We can help you remove Advanced Collection Services from your credit report and educate you to ensure you can make important financial decisions later that prevent you from accumulating charge off and collections in the future.

About Advanced Collection Services

Established in 1985, Advanced Collection Services is a small debt collection agency headquartered in Bangor, ME. They specialize in medical institutions, commercial & government agencies, financial institutions, utilities, and higher education collections.  Their latest contact info is listed below:  

Toll-Free: 800-640-0545
Fax: 207-795-2227
PO Box 7103
Lewiston, ME 04243-7103

Removing  collection from your report

Any collection services can be daunting, but you have options when it comes to dealing with their harassment and the effects of negatively reporting items have on your creditworthiness.  You can write and send your own letters or sign up for our DIY Program and take these steps to remove the Advanced Collection Services collection record from your credit report.  

Goodwill Deletion

It’s a collection agency’s business model to force people to pay, and most of them are certainly good at it.  They use fear tactics and count on you not knowing your rights and protections under the law as a consumer.  Your concern about your ability to remove the debt collection record from your credit report, higher interest rates, or being denied credit all play a factor in what can be leveraged for intimidation.

If you paid a collection agency for the full amount of your debt, you can ask them to remove the account from your credit report using a goodwill letter.  Remember, they aren’t required to delete the tradeline if that is not apart of the original agreement.  The first step is writing a letter to Advanced Collection Services explaining the circumstances of your late payments.  If you’ve lost your job due to COVID or were affected medically, highlight this in your letter, it can help your request if the collector empathizes with you.  However, your reasons should always be true as they can ask for documentation.  Owing a debt is touchy and can bring feelings of embarrassment.  It’s important to keep a cool head and speak objectively when talking to your creditors.

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Validate the debt

If you haven’t paid off the debt, other debts have damaged your records, or you have doubts about the entire debt that is yours regardless of your reason; you should always exercise your right to apply for debt validation.  Under the FDCPA, consumers have the right to ask a debt collection agency to validate the information about the debt they are trying to collect.

This will help you determine if the information they are reporting about the debt is incorrect, which will prevent you from paying an excessive amount or paying someone else’s debt.  It’s important to note that you must request a debt review within 30 days of Advanced Collection Services first contacting you.  Otherwise, they may ignore your request and continue with their collection attempts.

To request a debt review from Advanced Collection Services, you must send them a validation request letter. This is a formal request for them to review the information they report about your debt, including the amount, date of last account activity, and name.  You can find the validation letter in your client portal.  Start with Credor Letter Step 1.  Not in our DIY program and also not sure what to write?  Click here and get My Customized 25 Professional FDCPA compliant letters.

Next Advanced Collection Services should respond to your request with a variety of documents within 45 days.  These are designed to prove that the debt is yours and that you have all the information necessary to collect it.  Look at each page carefully. If you find incorrect information, you can dispute the debt with the major credit bureaus and have it removed completely.

Outside of your 30-day window of communication?  We can still help you!  Schedule a free consultation and let’s talk about your options. Book Now

Negotiate a settlement

If Advanced Collection Services can validate your debt, you can still work with them to negotiate a settlement.  In particular, you want to make a pay-for-delete agreement.  A pay-for-delete agreement allows a debt collection agency to receive payment for the debt while you get the negative reporting removed from your credit file.

It sounds like a win-win scenario, but getting a pay-for-delete agreement can actually be quite difficult.  Many companies are reluctant to stop reporting accurate information as it essentially corrupts the record.

However, you may be able to get Advanced Collection Services to agree to this if they are desperate enough to pay.  First, offer Advanced Collection Services to pay half of the total amount of your debt.  They will likely push you back, so work with them until you get to an amount that you are both comfortable with.

Make sure they agree to delete the listing entirely instead of converting it to a paid account.  Once Advanced Collection Services has sent you the terms in writing, you will make your first payment on the debt.  Wait about a month before checking your credit report. You should find that the account no longer appears.  If so, contact Advanced Collection Services and remind them to stop the deal.

Hire a professional

Even if you find yourself bumping into brick walls every step of the way, there is still one last trick up your sleeve to use.  You can hire Millennium Budget to help you get a resolution,  removal, or pay to delete with Advanced Collection Services once and for all.

As your credit repair company, we will help you communicate and negotiate with collection agencies and credit bureaus.  We help people remove negative accounts from their credit reports and can even help you negotiate lower payments on your debt.  It is important to work with a reputable company if you want to hire a credit repair company.  Otherwise, you might pay them and see no long term results or get bad advice regarding your unique situation.

I have has helped hundreds of people get things off their credit reports ethically.  With over 12 years of experience, I understand the industry inside out.  If you’re looking for great service and a company that can work with you to produce results, Millennium Budget is the place for you.

Advanced Collection Services Complaints

If you’ve been involved with Advanced Collection Services, it should come as no surprise that they don’t have a good reputation with their customers.  Customers have filed complaints against Advanced Collection Services with both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Most clients complain of various violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) such as B. Debt non-validation and harassment from customer service agents.  If you find that your FDCPA rights are being violated by Advanced Collection Services, you can also file a complaint with regulators.

Wrapping Up

We all have big financial goals, and collection agencies like Advanced Collection Services stand in their way.  However, you can remove barriers in your path by deleting bulk accounts from your credit report and improving your overall credit rating. Everyone has the ability to improve their credit score through patience, knowledge, and self-control.  Check out some of our popular articles on how to improve your credit score and build a life of financial freedom with my Financial Rescue Program.

You can check out my free and low-cost DIY resources by clicking here and joining my Facebook group.


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