Common FAQ’s

Do you have customer service?

Of course! My friendly and knowledgeable staff are available for inbound coming calls Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM PST.  You may also email us at any time, schedule a call, or send correspondence through our secure mail portal ( for Credit Clients Only).

How much is credit repair; really?

While our service price point varies, we are transparent with our pricing.  Wanna skip the pricing explanation?  Scroll down.  Interested in our model?  Read on. 

We first like to provide your free consultation, for that you will need to pull your credit report from the Three Major Bureaus.  There is a one time trial fee of  $1.99 is due at the time of your audit to pull your report.  Should you choose to proceed with the service a monthly fee will apply.

Most people don’t know, but there are several states that require the credit repair service to be provided before charging a fee.  This is to ensure you don’t pay high sign-on fees for a service that never occurs.  We will admit, there are some bad practices in this business, but we work with you to not only repair your credit but to also address how to build new credit and establish good spending and budgeting habits while the restoral service is being completed. 

While our fees are priced affordably, I like to be upfront and tell clients that legal restoration services aren’t cheap.  My program may require you to pay down debt, open secured accounts, and all your current bills must be paid on time.

The audit fee for all packages is $1.00!  Packages pricing can be paid monthly.  Here are the options:

The Quail Package

The Quail package lasts approximately 3-6 rounds and includes basic collections and charges offs.  Monthly payments are available.

Cost:  $480.00 or $79.95/Mo

The Woodpecker Package

Our Woodpecker program typically lasts between 3-8 rounds; catering to clients who have had previous credit repair attempts but still have those stubborn accounts remaining. We will customize your disputes to your unique situation.  Monthly payments are available.

Cost:  $650.00 or $99.95/Mo

The Condor Package

The Condor program weighs in between 4- 8 rounds.  Perfect for clients with more complex debt, such as bankruptcy and/or repossession.  Our team of specialists will employ legal and factual disputing methods to get you positive results and/or deletions on your report.  Monthly payments are available.

Cost: $850.00 or $124.95/Mo

The Bald Eagle Package

Our Bald Eagle program includes student loan restructuring and also runs about 4-8 rounds of results-driven factual and legal disputing.  Monthly payments are available.

Cost: $1,500.00 or 3 Payments of $375.00/Mo

We also help with Consumer Reporting Disputes for Chex Systems, Early Warning Systems, and other various agencies. Monthly payments are available.

The Starling Package

A one-time payment of $89.95.  This includes up to 5 banks on 2 platforms. 10 disputes in total. 

Each additional bank is $19.95 ea.

For detail on inclusions for each package shoot us an email at or book an appointment for a free consultation.  Still, have questions?  Give us a call at 855-480-2349. 

What is included in the service?

  1. You will receive your credit report and score from all 3 credit bureaus with 3 vantage credit scores.
  2. An in-depth debt analysis report.
  3. Inquiry/Dispute/Investigation/Verification letters with first-class mailing for 90+ days.
  4. Monthly checks in and a comprehensive email before each round detailing what will be disputed and how.  
  5. A follow-up email after each round detailing the progress of your service
  6. A 6-year budgeting plan
  7. Access to tradelines and credit building options. Please note these may incur an additional cost.
  8. Our Facebook Group and email newsletters and D.I.Y. options.

How much is the D.I.Y. Series?

There are several levels of restoration and credit building that we offer along with individual add on options to fit your needs and budget.  Each series comes with portal access and a subscription letter series with supporting documentation:

  1. DIY Credit Repair E Book – $49.95: 
  2. DIY Credit Repair Course –  $29.95/Mo
    1. Credit Repair
    2. Credit Building
    3. Let’s Learn to Budget Financial Rescue Series
  3. ChexSystems – $59.95 – Includes letters for each bank listed in your report (up to 5).
  4. Credit Building, Recommendations & Referrals (including tradelines): Contact us directly at 855-480-2349.

Can you remove Student Loan & Government Debt?

Good question!  Again this is a question best answered regarding your specific situation. We offer 100% free consultations. Set up an appointment today and let us see what options we have available to either dispute, restructure or consolidate your loans, tax obligations, or government debts. One thing we know for sure; We can stop garnishments, offsets, and bank levies! Stop procrastinating and get the help you need to keep your hard-earned money in your paycheck or your account. Contact us for a free consultation.

What is a 7702 Plan?

It’s a life insurance policy naming the policy after Section 7702 of the United States Internal Revenue Code that limits tax benefits of life insurance policies. This code applies to policies sold after 1985. Beneficiaries of life insurance contracts that were sold prior to this implemented code didn’t pay income tax, and the internal growth of the cash value was tax-deferred over the life of the policy.  These 7702 plans that are being marketed are usually just variable or cash value life insurance policies (VUL). You can build the cash value in the same manner as mutual funds. The policy’s cash value can be invested in other accounts, which are then invested in stocks and bonds. The difference between a VUL policy and whole life insurance is the cost of premiums – the VUL has variable rates while whole life has fixed premium payments.

Still, sound like jargon?  Book a free consultation.  We will walk you through it and answer any questions that you have.  

How much life insurance do I need?

Good question!  There is no one answer.  Life insurance is determined by your financial responsibility vs. your family’s needs.  In order to determine what amount would best suit you, we first need to establish your current financial situation and add your goals and family status.  Contact us for a free consultation.

What’s Included in the $1.99 Audit?

Glad you asked! Here is the skinny. Our inclusive in the audit is a detailed analysis of your credit profile and a comprehensive plan of action items to achieve a positive report and score. We set you up with exclusive access to our Credit Repair Software that is packed with extensive education and tools. You will get a video /phone or in-person consultation with a detailed credit audit that outlines your debt and delinquencies, as well as your credit, strengthens were applicable. We will also process and send you 2 first-round dispute letters to jump-start your restoration journey. There is no obligation to continue and you can always start the program at any time. This option cannot be combined with any other offers and is only good once in a lifetime. Sign up now!

What is Every Day Debt Management?

Also an awesome question. Let me throw a few words at you. Inflation. Gentrification, Recession, Retirement, Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy. All of these words while used alone can be daunting. Combined, they are not only salacious, they are crippling to the average American Household. MBC can help you reasonably establish a budget, enable tools for holding yourself accountable and provide discounted access to applications and software options to help you on your journey for financial independence.