Life Comes at you fast…..

It happened. You opened it an account and it was closed; with a negative balance. To the banks, it doesn’t matter if you became unemployed, had a life-altering event, or maybe just could not manage the overdraft fees. They will forward your information to a Consumer Reporting Company and prevent you from opening another account – anywhere.

The ramifications of not having a bank account, don’t seem so bad until you actually look at the fees. Sure some prepaid cards lure with the promise of getting paid early, but then the 3 headed monster rears its head. Meet the ATM Fee, The Reload Fee & the Monthly Fee. Before you know it your money is being double-tapped coming and going.

While most banks arent much better; a local credit union can be the answer to all of your prayers. Check out my article about Banks vs. Credit Unions for more info. In the meantime, let’s address that luxurious pink elephant sitting on your hard-earned money and make a dollar out of 15 cents.

Here at MBC, they why does matter to us. We also care about how. Meaning how we can help you get back on track and why you won’t repeat the same spending patterns that led you here. Whether you entrust me to restore your financial banking privileges or you want to Do It Yourself, let me help you get back on course.

We have an inside track on several reputable second chance banks that will give you an account to help get you back on the right path. We can also help you to dispute the old bank and get out of reporting systems like Early Warning & Check Systems as well. Book an appointment and take back the power of your financial health today!